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Keeping Promises - The Treaty Settlement Process

This article provides an accessible introduction to the Treaty settlement process. The content covers events from 1840, when the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, through to the present day.

Keeping Promises: The Treat Settlement Process by Mark Derby' titled with an image of two girls smiling at the camera on the beach.


  • AudienceStudents
  • Curriculum Level4
  • Education SectorPrimary
  • Learning AreaEnglishSocial Science
  • Resource LanguageEnglish
  • Resource typeText/Chapter
  • SeriesSchool Journal

About this resource

Series: School Journal Level 4 November 2017

Reading year level: 8

Category: Non-fiction

Topics: apology, change, claims, colonisation, compensation, Crown, grievances, Kāi Tahu, Kīngi Te Rangi Paetahi, land confiscation, Māori, Māori Land March 1975, Native Land Court, New Zealand history, New Zealand wars, Ngāi Tahu, Office of Treaty Settlements, promises, protest, raupatu, tino rangatiratanga, Treaty of Waitangi, Treaty settlement process, Waikato–Tainui, Waitangi Tribunal, William Hobson



Keeping Promises - The Treaty Settlement Process

Words by Mark Derby

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