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First World War - Inquiry Support Guide Years 9-13

This resource provides ideas and support for teaching and learning about the First World War for years 9-13.

A painting of soldiers landing on a beach from boats with smoke rising in the distance near large ships.


  • AudienceKaiako
  • Resource LanguageEnglish

About this resource

This suite of resources will help ākonga gain insights into the First World War. Although these inquiry guides were designed to meet the purpose and objectives of the 2007 National Curriculum, the learning activities can be adapted to support ākonga working towards the progress outcomes of the refreshed social sciences curriculum (2022). These resources are especially relevant to the exploration of Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories. 


First World War: Inquiry Support Guide Years 9-13

Use the inquiry support guide in conjunction with the eight First World War inquiry guides for ākonga in years 9–13. The support guide provides additional information on each stage of the inquiry process with links to resources and examples that can be used with any of the inquiry guides.   

As you make use of these resources, work with whānau, hapū, and iwi to incorporate te reo Māori and mātauranga Māori in teaching and learning. This will ensure that ākonga Māori can identify themselves and their own histories. 

First World War Inquiry Guides  

The eight inquiry guides incorporate five themes that help make the context of the First World War relevant for ākonga. These themes are referred to with varying emphasis in each of the following guides.

  • Heritage and identity: Understanding how New Zealand’s military history has shaped our identities
  • Making connections: Connecting kaiako and ākonga in Aotearoa New Zealand with those overseas who are learning about the First World War  
  • Citizenship perspectives: Exploring the rights and responsibilities of New Zealand citizens in peacetime and during conflict  
  • New Zealand in the Pacific: Examining how New Zealand’s relationship with Sāmoa and other Pacific nations has been shaped by the First World War and subsequent events   
  • Peace and reconciliation: Exploring how individuals, groups, and nations can reconcile differences and build safe and healthy communities (local, national, and global)

The inquiry guides can be used in any order and can be adapted to suit learner interest, a whole school focus, or a specific event. Each guide provides links to useful First World War resources that kaiako can use as they co-construct inquiries with ākonga.

Please note that each resource in the carousel below contains two inquiry guides.

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