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Designed for Good

The New Zealand environment has been badly affected by introduced pests such as rats, stoats, and possums. “Designed for Good” follows the process of developing an effective and humane trap to reduce these pest populations. The article tells the story of the project, from the first “That’s it!” moment through to the production of thousands of traps, which are now in use throughout New Zealand.

Three men with tools on cover of the story


  • AudienceStudents
  • Curriculum Level3
  • Education SectorPrimary
  • Learning AreaEnglishScienceTechnology
  • Resource LanguageEnglish
  • Resource typeText/Chapter
  • SeriesSchool Journal

About this resource

Series: School Journal Level 3 May 2017

Reading year level: 5

Category: Non-fiction

Topics: conservation, design, ecological sustainability, ecology, environment, ideas, innovation, introduced species, native bush, pest control, pests, possums, predator-free New Zealand, predators, prototypes, technology, traps



Designed for Good

Words by Philip Cleaver

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